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Saturday, February 17, 2007

What are You Building?

Lately I've been reading tons of books. People have told me that I'm frying my brain, but I hope that I'm adding wrinkles to it everyday. I am really serious about getting financially free and so should you. I have been somewhat disappointed in some of the reactions that I have received from this blog. I think many of us are afraid. I sincerely believe that as you read this, you actually believe you can't be free. Believe it or not but my sources have even given me the inside track on what you might be thinking. You might believe that good things like that don't happen to people like us. Am I close? Trust me, I've ran these doubts across my head many times. Look at the position I have put myself in. If I fail, (and I don't intend on doing that) I've created a blog to document it so everyone can see-including strangers. But, others might say "I'll wait to see if he can do it" and that'll prove that any old "Joe" can achieve it. I would advise you not to wait. It might be quite some time before I see any results because my dreams are BIG.

By establishing this blog, I have suppressed my fear an established my goals. Many people don't tell others their goals because for the fear of not meeting them. Is this you? Maybe you don't even want to be wealthy because of the the stereotype that wealth is not enough to give us happiness. True, but remember, poverty makes happiness nearly impossible. Which one are you willing to bet your life on? Whatever the reason why you don't think wealth can come to you, leave it behind. Stand up for your dreams and start planning. Stay Focused! Set your goals and tell others about them. Make your goals count and look for others to push you to achieve them. Surround yourself with success. If you are surrounded by "non-believers", use them as motivation to make your visions into realities.

My dad is a multi-skilled man. I always seen him as a man that could build and repair anything. From cars to the toilet-in-the-house with nine people waiting to use it, he could fix it. As for me, I might be able to fix some things, but there might be some "extra" parts laying around. I was more of a painter with my brothers. I could never really construct anything, but me and my friend Keith always managed to build cool clubhouses. We didn't always have the materials but we could make a "mansion" from some plywood. All it took was a little imagination. There is a story that I read not too long ago that goes like this:
Three bricklayers were working side by side.

When asked, "What are you doing?", the first bricklayer replied:

"I'm laying bricks."

When the second bricklayer was asked. He answered,

"I'm building an arch."

When the third bricklayer when asked the question,

"What are you doing?", responded,

"I'm building a cathedral."

Here is your plywood: What do you plan on doing with it?


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i love your blog.

February 18, 2007 at 7:52 PM  

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