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Monday, February 5, 2007

What Got Me Started

First of all, I remember talking to my father-in-law Tim about money. I had gotten in debt and was looking for a way out. He was already pretty happy with what he was making and introduced me to a book he was reading called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". He had told me about it, but at first I wasn't very interested. He asked me that if I know how to make money through investing. I said, "Investing, you need to have money to make money and that's something I don't really have". That is when he pulled out this purple looking book and said, "You need to read this". So I began reading it. At first I was skeptical about the whole thing, but as I began to read it I realized I couldn't put it down. It's really that good. It doesn't give you some get-rich-quick scheme, but as he put it, "It puts you in the right mindset" which is true because after I read it my whole outlook has changed. I've talked about this book to mostly everyone I've met. I even bought it for a cousin of mine for his birthday and called him all the time to make sure he was reading it. Trust me, it's that good. The book is easy to read as he explains how his real dad taught him to go to school, get a secure job and let the government and company take care of you for retirement. He then explains how his other dad (friends dad) taught him a different way. This new outlook is what has gotten him rich. If you don't get anything else from today's blog, get this: Buy this Book!

P.S. The colts won the SuperBowl today, but I'm a Cowboys fan.


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